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Pakistani Recipes



  1- Roghni Roti  Chicken Chow Mein
 2-Coronation Chicken  Chinese Egg Fried Rice 
 3-Lemon Pickle Nimboo Ka Achar  Chinese Spring Chicken
 4-Chicken Tikka Biryani Barbeque Chicken  Rice  Chicken Shashlic
 5-Pineapple Upside Down Cake   Chicken Manchurian
 6-Make Your Own Masala Chai(Tea)   Chinese Chicken Rice
 7-Carrot cake with lemon buttercream   icing   Chinese Egg Fried Rice_2
 8-Lasagne  Shrimps with Soya Sauce _2
 9-Shahi Mutton   Sweet and Sour Shrimps
10-Hunter Beef  Chinese Chicken Drumsticks
11-Fish Curry
12-Zinger Burger
13-Hot & Sour Soup
14-Palak Paneer


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  1. Me benzeer ke card banata ho WO rupees wala

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