Zong 3G Internet | Packages, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Social

Zong 3G Internet Packages, Internet, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Social

Zong 3G Internet Packages rates are Very affordable. company providing affordable internet packages. The company providing both 3G and 4G network packages in cheap internet rates. You can use Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Zong 3G internet Packages. These Zong Packages are applicable on Zong 2G,3G and Zong 4G. Zong internet Speed is also good and most customers are satisfied with Zong 3G Internet Services. Zong 3G and Zong 4G Covering most part of the country and providing unbelievable downloading speed on cheap packages. So here is Complete Detail of Zong 3G Packages

Zong 3G Packages Detail

Daily Mini Package.

Volume: 4 MB Price is 4 Rs & Validity is 1 Day.

3G Daily Basic

Volume:30 MB Price is Rs-10 & Validity is 1 Day

3G Daily Premium

Volume 80 MB Price is Rs-20 & Validity is 1 Day

Weekly Package

Data Volum 700 MB Price is Rs-70  and Validity is 7 Days

Monthly Mini Package

Data Volume 150 Price Rs-50  and Validity is 30 Days

Monthly Basic

Data Volume 500 MB Price is Rs-150 and Validity is 30 Days

Monthly Premium 1GB

Data Volume 1 GB Price is Rs-250 and Validity is 30 Days

Monthly Premium 2GB

Data Volume 2GB Price is Rs-350  and Validity is 30 Days

Monthly Premium 4GB

Data Volume 4GB Price is Rs-650 and Validity is 30 Days

Monthly Premium 10GB

Data Volume 10GB Price is Rs-1500 and Validity is 30 Days

Monthly Premium 20GB

Data Volume 20GB Price is Rs-2500 and Validity is 30 Days

Monthly Premium 30GB

Data Volume 30GB Price is Rs-3500  and Validity is 30 Days

Social Pack- Facebook, Whatsapp & Twitter

Data Volume 500 MB Price is Rs-10R & Validity is 1 Day.

Facebook Daily

Data Volume 50 MB Price is Rs-5 & Validity is 1 Day.

Whatsapp Daily

Data Volume 30 MB Price is Rs-3 & Validity is 1 Day.

Twitter Daily

Data Volume 20 MB Price is Rs- 2 & Validity is 1 Day.

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