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Coin Trick

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This trick requires a lot of practice before you can perform it effectively. If you are very proficient with this trick, the coin will look as if it is alive. This is also a very good introductory routine before performing other coin conjuring magic.

1. Place a large coin between your index and middle fingers.

2. Raise your index finger to tip the coin to roll over to the space between your middle and ring fingers.


3. Continue to raise your middle finger to tip the coin to roll over to the space between the ring and little fingers.

4. Continue to raise your ring finger and then the little finger tipping the coin to somersault until it drops off your hand.


5. You can catch the coin and place it back to the beginning position with the same hand and repeat the trick again.

6. You can also reverse the motions when the coin is at the space between the ring and little finger.

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